“Mrs. Warren’s Profession” Actors Weigh-In by Tyler VAn Riper ’14

Mrs. Warren’s Profession focuses on hot social issues that we can still relate to today. The cast members in particular have lots to say about this exciting play! After reading the play for the first time, Caroline Crichlow-Ball ’15, who plays Vivie, felt “surprised by how deeply sad it is underneath all of the witty repartee. Vivie is especially tragic, because she feels so betrayed by her mother that she just gives up on love and happiness.”

Taylor Maxey ’13 plays Mrs. Warren and likes that “she is one of those characters with a gritty past. She is tough, and wants the world to know it” yet still appreciates what it means to be a lady.

The group of men who revolve around these two women are particularly interesting characters as Nick Lehotsky ’15 has learned about his character Mr. Praed. Lehotsky views Mr. Praed as “the sort of man whom I wouldn’t mind having as an uncle: very polite (in an old fashioned sort of way), an admirer of the arts, and becoming of a very fine sense of humour.”

To see how all of these thought-provoking characters come together in one of George Bernard Shaw’s most famous plays—purchase your tickets today for Mrs. Warren’s Profession, held in the Keller Theatre with 7:30 p.m. evening performances on Thursday, November 29, Friday, November 30 and Sunday, December 2, and a 2 p.m. matinee performance on Saturday, December 1. Order your tickets online today at lenfest.wlu.edu or call the Lenfest box office at 458-8000 to purchase.

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