“ARSENIC AND OLD LACE” A Note about JONATHAN BREWSTER by Tyler Van Riper ‘14

A Note about Jonathan Brewster played by Nick Lehotsky ’15

When Mortimer Brewster finds a dead body in his elderly aunts’ home, he must first discover which of his family members has committed the murder. And honestly, we wouldn’t blame him for immediately accusing his brother, Jonathan! A maniacal criminal, Jonathan constantly gets plastic surgery from his morally questionable companion Dr. Einstein to cover up his identity. His latest work has left him looking like horror-film actor Boris Karloff, creating a more challenging situation for actor Nick Lehotsky ’15. He explains, “Not only must the player be acquainted with the character as a human being, but also with its original host, Boris Karloff. To blend Karloff in with the interpretation of the character is challenging, as Jonathan must remain himself, not simply a reflection of Karloff.” Performances are Feb. 12-15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Johnson Theatre. Come early as seating is limited. Purchase your tickets online at theater.wlu.edu or stop by the Lenfest Box Office to buy your tickets for Arsenic and Old Lace today!

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