Dana Fredericks ’12 returns as guest choreographer

The W&L Repertory Dance Company is known for their exquisite work on the aerial silks, performing this past summer at the Edinburg Festival Fringe. The March performance is sure to be no exception to this trend of innovation. Featuring senior dancers Erin Sullivan and Jennifer Ritter, W&L gradate Dana Fredericks ’12 sets her latest aerial dance to the music of Muse. Describing the dance, Sullivan says it “is incredibly challenging not only because of the strength required to perform the piece, but also because we are intended to make it look effortless. Keeping calm when you’re fifteen feet in the air can be difficult sometimes, but I think the piece is really beautiful.” Fredericks will also perform a solo in the upcoming concert. Audience members are guaranteed to experience and interact with dance in a new way.

Two nights are left for the Repertory Dance Concert performance, Thursday, March 21 & Friday, March 22 at 7:30 in the Keller Theatre of Lenfest Hall. Purchase your tickets online at theater.wlu.edu or call or stop by the Lenfest Box Office

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